RTO # 40833

01. Section 1 Textbook

Uncover the foundational knowledge essential for EMS professionals. From EMS systems and workforce safety to public health and legal considerations, this textbook provides a comprehensive guide. Explore effective communication, meticulous documentation, and master medical terminology crucial for successful emergency medical service delivery.

06. Communications

Explore the critical realm of EMS communication, from radio operation to on-scene response coordination. Learn interview techniques, with a focus on adapting communication strategies for different age groups. Master the art of clear, concise communication to optimize patient care outcomes.

07. Documentation

Learn the importance of meticulous record-keeping in EMS, ensuring accurate and comprehensive documentation of patient care.

08. Medical Terminology

Build a strong foundation in medical terminology, enhancing your ability to communicate and understand medical concepts in EMS practice.

04. Public Health

Delve into foundational healthcare knowledge, including cellular biology, skeletal and musculoskeletal anatomy, and the intricacies of the respiratory and circulatory systems. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the body’s building blocks, setting the stage for effective emergency medical response.

02. EMS Systems

Gain insights into the intricate web of EMS systems, from dispatch to patient care, ensuring efficient and effective emergency response.

03. Workforce Safety and Wellness

Prioritize the well-being of EMS professionals with courses on safety protocols and strategies for maintaining physical and mental health.