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Our Team

Our aim is to provide quality, affordable First Aid training to the community, with the result being that everybody has the confidence to save a life. Courses are taught by paramedics, nurses and event medics.


Mike Hammond

nstructor – Director – Physician’s Associate – Remote Medicine Practitioner,Critical Care Specialist; Intensive Care Paramedic

Director EMS Education & Training, Director of the Academy of Pre-Hospital Care and Event Medicine


Jason Lane PAR

Instructor – registered Paramedic

Jason is one of the original members of EMSET and is an integral part of of team


Katika Thompson

Specialist Trainer – Emergency Nurse

Clinical Nurse Specialist Emergency Department Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick


Mason Hoy

Instructor – Critical Care Specialist; Intensive Care Paramedic

Mason is responsible for making sure we adhere to our core values while staying fresh and relevant within the industry. Their creative, out-of-the-box thinking makes them a great asset to the team.


Zamri Burns

Instructor – Critical Care Specialist; Intensive Care Paramedic

High Acuity Response Team. Royal Australian Navy