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60SEC070 Hypothermia: Pathophysiology

60SEC070 Hypothermia: Pathophysiology

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This brief workshop, “Hypothermia: Pathophysiology,” delves into the physiological changes that occur in the body during hypothermia, when the core temperature drops below 35°C (95°F). It covers the body’s initial compensatory mechanisms to preserve heat, the progression to moderate and severe hypothermia, and the effects on the cardiovascular, nervous, and respiratory systems. Participants will learn about the causes, risk factors, and the critical nature of early recognition and intervention to prevent life-threatening complications associated with hypothermia.

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  • All learning material for this unit is provided via our online learning portal and all equipment is provided for the practical assessments.
  • A learner undertaking this course will require a specific skill level in Language, Literacy and Numeracy.

    The course has been assessed as requiring the following Australian Core Skills Framework levels:

    • Learning – Level 2
    • Reading – Level 2
    • Writing – Level 2
    • Oral Communication – Level 1
    • Numeracy – Level 1