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60SEC036 Spider Bites: Emergency Care Recommendations

60SEC036 Spider Bites: Emergency Care Recommendations

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This concise workshop on “Spider Bites: Emergency Care Recommendations” provides essential guidance on identifying and managing spider bites, emphasizing first aid measures, signs of allergic reactions, and when to seek medical attention. It covers the steps to minimize toxin spread, pain management, and the importance of identifying the type of spider to assess the risk of serious complications, offering vital information for prompt and effective emergency care.

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  • All learning material for this unit is provided via our online learning portal and all equipment is provided for the practical assessments.
  • A learner undertaking this course will require a specific skill level in Language, Literacy and Numeracy.

    The course has been assessed as requiring the following Australian Core Skills Framework levels:

    • Learning – Level 2
    • Reading – Level 2
    • Writing – Level 2
    • Oral Communication – Level 1
    • Numeracy – Level 1