RTO # 40833

33. Immunologic Emergencies

Learn about immune system disorders and their potential emergencies. Acquire the skills to recognize and respond to immunologic crises effectively.

34. Infectious Diseases

Delve into the realm of infectious diseases, understanding their transmission, symptoms, and emergency management protocols to protect both patients and providers.

35. Toxicology

Explore the world of toxic substances and their effects on the body. Equip yourself with knowledge and skills to identify and treat toxic exposures in emergency situations.

36. Psychiatric Emergencies

Gain insight into handling psychiatric crises, learning to assess and manage patients experiencing mental health-related emergencies with empathy and care.

25. Cardiovascular Emergencies

Dive into the intricacies of cardiovascular conditions. Learn to identify and respond to cardiac emergencies, optimizing patient outcomes.

26. Neurologic Emergencies

Master the assessment and management of neurologic disorders, ensuring prompt and effective care for patients experiencing neurological emergencies.